The Border Terrier, one of the rarest of the terrier breeds, is gaining popularity. The breed is small enough to adapt to a house or an apartment.  Borders usually have out-going alert personalities.  While the Border adapts well to the city or country, he should have a daily walk to keep up his spirits.
    Developed in the north of England, the Border Terrier was once known as the Coqueldale Terrier and was used to hunt the fox that preyed on farmers livestock.  He became a favourite hunt terrier, working with packs of Border Foxhounds. Hunt masters are credited with standardizing breed type and having this hardy working terrier recognized as a pure breed by The Kennel Club of England around 1920.
    Since these dogs still love to hunt and run, they should be kept in a properly fenced yard, climb proofed and dig proofed.  A sturdy, natural looking terrier, the Border Terriers distinctive head resembles that of an otter, giving the Border a charming expression that could be the reason for its growth in popularity.  Its coat is harsh and slow growing in comparison to the coats of other terriers: thus, the coat is relatively easy to keep.  The color is usually shades of red, grizzle & tan, blue & tan or wheaten.  There is some shedding but it is minimal.. The long coat may be raked or pulled by hand but should never be cut or clippered.  Males weigh around 15lb and females slightly less. Heights are around 12 to 14 inches.
    The Border Terrier is a natural clown, always trying to please.  This makes them great obedience or show dogs.  Their natural instinct can be used for hunting or den trials.  Not the most glamorous breed but a good honest little dog for companionship and fun.
     Border Terriers are the calmest and least aggressive of the terriers. They usually get along with other dogs and have a special love for children.  Licking you is a special joy.  They are good watchdogs but not foolish barkers.
    Health wise, Border Terriers are quite hardy.  Reputable breeders guarantee health of all pups and adults sold.  Any problems in the breed will be discussed before purchase. Neutering is strongly recommended.
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