Established in 1967, we bred rough & smooth Collies that have obtained over 100 Canadian & Americian titles.  In 1980 we obtained our first Border Terrier after being introduced to them by Ketka Kennels in the USA.  A couple of years after that, we began breeding and showing these delightful little dogs.    In 1998 Vic retired and we moved to a smaller country home in Mid-Ontario about 1 hour north of Kitchener and Guelph. Maureen is retired and also a retired Canadian Kennel Club judge who  judged Working and Herding Dogs occasionally in Canada and USA.  She also was show secretary for dog clubs, including one of the largest outdoor All Breed Shows in Ontario.    We no longer have Collies, but will always have our little Borders.  We show them sparingly and breed them occasionally. Our 7 dogs are either Champions or have Champion parents which means they are proven to be of proper quality and temperament for the Breed.    Our puppies are raised in our home under foot with our 6 show cats.  All puppies offered for sale, come with written guarantee, age appropriate shots, vet checked, micro-chipped and Canadian Kennel Club registration papers at no additional cost. Puppies sold for pet must be spayed or neutered by 6 months of age. Show prospect puppies are available occasionally.    We are Canadian Kennel Club life members and our kennel name of Braemar is permanently registered.  Being a CKC member is testimony of proper breeding practices and ethics.  Having a puppy with CKC registration papers will enable you to participate in a variety of events, even if you hadn't planned on it before buying a puppy.  It also means you have a purebred dog with traceable heritage and predicatability of the breed qualities.