Champion Chan-El Hijinx at Braemar 
Finished August 2006
Champion Braemar's Bush Wacker"Spencer"
Best Puppy in Group & New Champion
on his 8th month birthday June 2006
American & Canadian Champion
Braemar Chan-el Molotov C'Tail 
"Brandy" finished her American Championship with 3 majors. She just finished her Canadian Championship 
owned by Elinor Pettis - Michigan
Champion Chan-El Trouble at Braemar"Trouble"
Finished September 2006
Jinx son
Jinx daughter
Jinx half sister
Jinx daughter
Canadian ChampionBraemar's Mayhem 
"Amber" finished her Championship at 10 months of age. She is shown here on her way with her new friend "Robin"
Canadian Champion Riverside On A Wing And A Prayer"Larry" finished his Championship at 11 months. He is shown here on his way with his new friend Samantha 
kidon the
Supreme Master Grand International PremierBenhana Keitaro CNW RW
Supreme Master Grand International
Premier Mikkara's YoshihitoCNW RW
#5 All Breed Premier 2009 CCA
# 14 All Breed Kitten 2009 CCA
# 14 All Breed Premier 2010 CCA
We also show and are proud of our
many thanks to  Dawn Benaim for all your support and encouragment
all the boys are neutered and are our house pets
aka. Grand Premier RW Benhana Yoshihito
obtaining #13 Premier in Region 4 and#4 JBT Nationally CFA 2010
Canadian Champion Braemar's Come Fly With Me 
 "Sully" is our newest Champion.
He is a "Larry" and "Amber" son
# 5 All Breed Premier 2011 CCA
the red-heads

CFA Grand Premier
Benhana Akage (front)

CCA/CFA Grand Premier
Benhana Midoriyama (left)

CCA/CFA Grand Premier
Benhana Makoto (right)